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Vastu Diploma Courses

In Delhi We Provide Vastu Courses in Delhi, Vastu Diploma Courses in Delhi, Vaastu Shastra Course in Delhi. Vastu has been a part of our society since centuries. In the other part of the world people practice it as Feng Shui , Loshu, Dowsing etc. Vastu Shastra is a science of making Building, Furniture’s, Temple, Citie & Town, Fort, hospital, school & even Chariots as per the Vedic texts, proof of which still stands strong today. Vastu was a way of living life as man used to live in consonance with nature. Lot of text was written to support this science but with India being conquered by Mughals & then Britishers later, most of this was destroyed in North India. But in Southern India Vastu practices in Delhi & text survived the onslaught. Today we see the revival of the ancient Science as people realize that disconnect of man with nature has created imbalances in the built environment leading to ill health and sick buildings. The study of Architecture and Interior Design remains incomplete without the additional knowledge of Vastu. Vastu should be reinterpreted in today’s context as materials and technologies to build our buildings have changed. Vastu should not be looked upon with superstition but its underlying tenets be understood as per today’s requirements.Vastu Schools of Design has taken a small step to bring forth the scientific value behind the ancient wisdom of Vastu by introducing a short term course of Basic, Advance and Diploma course in Scientific Vastu Sharstra in Delhi.

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