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In Delhi We are Best Lal Kitab Expert Astrologer in Delhi, Lal Kitab Specialist Pandit ji in Delhi. Lal Kitab other name is ‘Arun Sahita’ and is based on “Samudrik Shastra”. There is a saying that this knowledge was given by Sun “Sarthi’ (Chariot puller) Arun to Lanka ruler Ravana. Later on in the nineteenth century it was compiled by renowned astrologer Roopchand Joshi and was published in pre-partitioned India. Originally this book was compiled in Urdu and was very popular in Pakistan, Iran and many other countries. For casting of Varshphal, a matrix is used. Peculiar thing about this book is that unlike Vedic astrology Rahu and Ketu who remain seventh to each other but in Lal Kitab there is no such compulsion, they can be in different houses and even they can be in adjacent houses. Same is the case with Mercury and Venus who remain one and two sign respectively ahead or behind Sun, in this book this principle is not strictly followed for casting annual chart. The third important variant is that in this book signs (Raashish), panchang etc. are done away with. The ascendant (lagna) always falls in the Aries (Mesha) sign like in South Indian chart.
In Lal Kitab remedies are recommended for 43 days. This period is split as 28 days for 28 stars (nakshatras), 12 days for 12 signs (Raashish), and 3 days as the grace period. By adopting the remedies of this book one can lead a better life and get solutions for all the problems one faces.

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