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Homeopathy Treatment Clinics in Delhi, Homeopathy Treatment Centers in Delhi. Homeopathy is a system of crude substance developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician in early 1800. He discovered the first laws of homoeopathy ‘like cure likes’ He used the same substance that created a reaction in healthy person can cure the same problem in patients suffering from same disease which was created by the crude substance. Secondly, he created the ‘Law of Infinitesimals’ explains that the subtle doses which contain no medicine but the automatic power of the medicine can cure the disease. This law claims that lower the concentration of a substance, the more potent it becomes. The immaterial and spiritual powers of the remedy create potent energy. According to the law of Avogadro, there is no medicinal power after 12 c or 24 X. There is not a single molecule of the original substance in the remedy. Only the dynamic power of the original substance remains. The third ‘law of succession’ explains that succession (shaking violently ten times) between one potency to another example. Ix to 2x or 3x to 4x and so on dynamizes the power of the remedy to cure particular disease as it works on the vital force of the body. Homeopathy is a symptomatic system of medicine based on individualization. The homoeopathic remedies are prescribed differently even though two patients are suffering from the same disease. Another principle ‘minima minimus means substance in minimal quantity will cure diseases in a sick person having similar symptoms created by the crude substance. Homoeopathic remedies are prepared from herbs, minerals and animals.
Homeopathy Benefits:
Homoeopathy improves general resistance, enhances body’s immune system.
Improves present condition
Homoeopathic remedies are safe and gentle with no side effects.
Homoeopathy works from upper to lower level i.e., spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
It improves mental outlook, increases energy level and improves the quality of life.
It makes the defense mechanism stronger.

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